About HabitChange Coach Training

The HabitChange Coach Training Program is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training school designed to provide expertise, real situational detail, and essential tools for new and experienced coaches. 


Our primary focus is providing coach training and certification for people who want to become professional coaches (life coaching and health coaching). 

Our coach training program is designed for:



Health Care organizations

Program and Certification

Mindfulness is the core of our change process.


Our coaches and coaching clients are supported in developing their personal mindfulness practice and encouraged to meditate regularly to increase self-awareness.

Our philosophy is that the best coaches are always learning and growing in the mind, body, spirit realms.

Our HabitChange coaches come from a variety of backgrounds but share several things in common:

  • A desire to make a difference in people’s quality of life.

  • The capacity to be fully present and listen to an individual.

  • An openness to continue their own self-growth and personal habit change.

We believe that the effectiveness of coaching is a combination of 30% coaching skills and 70% is the coach.

Executive Coaching: Chris Coward

Accreditation and Affiliations

HabitChange Coach Training Program was accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in January 2012 at the ACTP level. This means that our program is approved for 125+ hours of training and Certified HabitChange Coaches may apply to the ICF and receive their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.


Once a coach has coached 500 hours, they can apply to the ICF for their Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential.

See our Program Details on the ICF website under the Training Program Search Service (TPSS).

Hire A Coach

Our Certified HabitChange Coach Training Instructors? understand the process of change and work to help you get rid of unhealthy or unwanted habits and replace them with healthy and wanted habits.


Our coaches are all college graduates, with many of them having Masters or Doctoral degrees. They come from a variety of backgrounds--psychology, nursing, business, social work, physical fitness and many others. For some of our coaches, being trained and certified as a HabitChange Coach Training is a second career.

Meet Our Coaches

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Co-Founder, Instructor

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Chris Coward, MSW, PCC 
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Co-Founder, Instructor

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Dr. Jeff Kaplan

Chris Coward

Valerie Driscoll, PCC, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Valerie Driscoll, PCC, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
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Valerie Driscoll

Jeff Kaplan, Ph.D., MBA, MCC

Co-Founder of HabitChange Coach Training.

Jeff co-developed and designed the core product for Habit Change Company, recruited and led the training team, and created the coaching division for Habit Change Company.As an executive consultant, coach and trainer, Jeff is known for his innovative approaches to help managers and executives break free from habitual thought and behavior patterns and think, decide, and act mindfully. He created a coaching program for Penn State's Smeal College of Business EMBA students, cofounded Breakthrough Coaching, co-developed and teaches a 125-hour coach training program at Neumann University,and helped spearhead a 3-year leadership development and coaching program for a billion dollar healthcare system. He is extensively trained and highly skilled in the creative design, development, and measurement of change processes.