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Jeff Kaplan, Ph.D., MBA, MCC

Co-Founder of HabitChange Coach Training

Dr. Jeff Kaplan co-developed and designed the core product for Habit Change Company, recruited and led the training team, and created the coaching division for Habit Change Company. As an executive consultant, coach and trainer, Jeff is known for his innovative approaches to help managers and executives break free from habitual thought and behavior patterns and think, decide, and act mindfully.

Dr. Kaplan created a coaching program for Penn State's Smeal College of Business EMBA students, co-founded Breakthrough Coaching, co-developed and teaches a 125-hour coach training program at Neumann University, and helped spearhead a 3-year leadership development and coaching program for a billion dollar healthcare system.


Dr. Kaplan wrote the book Habit Change: An Executive Coach'sStep-by-Step Guide to Defeating Unwanted Behaviors. He is extensively trained and highly skilled in the creative design, development, and measurement of change processes.

Visit Dr. Kaplan's website to learn more.

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